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2014 Series

Posted by Chris Reinhardt on December 8, 2013 at 10:10 PM


For immediate release:

ESK will again run with the WKA Road Racing Series as lastyear.  We have added an additional eventat North Carolina Center for Automotive Research in North Carolina which shouldprove to be both exciting and challenging. 

 Please join us andsupport the 2014 ESK series…….

April 4-6 CarolinaMotorsports Park, Kershaw, SC

June 13-15 MidOhio Sportscar Course, Lexington, OH

July 25-27 VirginiaInternational Raceway, Danville, VA

August 22-24 NorthCarolina Center for Automotive Research, Garysburg, NC

October 11-12 SummitPoint Motorsports Park, Summit Point, WV


ESK final two Round report and final points

Posted by Chris Reinhardt on December 8, 2013 at 10:10 PM

ESK Season Results

Well the 2013 ESK season is in therecord books finishing up with Summit Point event. Just a recap of VIR and Summit pointevents……

VIR was going to be the premier event of the season and it did not disappoint! The fullcourse proved to be both challenging and exciting!!! With top speeds over 125mph and goingup through the esses flat out at over 100mph, proved to be some of the highlights….

Getting used to the new track and finding the limitstook some time with the high speedcorners, and the oak tree turn, minus the oak tree, but it was still there in spirit.Signed up for the weekend events were, Jim Brannon, Chuck Bunnell, and Chris Reinhardt.

Saturdays race was a little unusual as the ESK group was started behind both theUnlimited’s and the Stock Honda’s, with a 15 second split between them. It wasChris Reinhardt in the Honda CRF450 powered CR2 MotorSports factory Cobalt chassis withanother trademark holeshot and out front for an early lead that was never contested. JimBrannon was running in second place to near the end, when he retired with an engineissues, which would find Chuck Bunnell finishing second and Jim Brannon third.

Pre-final laps times:

Chris Reinhardt 02:11.489

Jim Brannon 02:14.210

Chuck Bunnell 02:17.937

In Sunday’s race, the Unlimited’s and ESK karts were started together and StockHonda’s went off last, which made the race a little less dramatic than the pre-finalwith all the passing that went on. The start was much like the pre-final with ChrisReinhardt out again for an early lead, Jim Brannon running second, and Chuck Bunnellthird. It was thatway until nearly the end of the race when Jim Brannon caught Chris bysurprise, and then it was on! The two swapped the lead maybe five or six times until thelast lap, when Jim went into turn one just a little too deep, and was not able to returnto the track. So it was Chris Reinhardt first, Jim Brannon second, and Chuck Bunnellthird.

Final Lap times:

Chris Reinhardt 02:11.492

Jim Brannon 02:11.519

Chuck Bunnell 02:19.114

Points After round three:

Chris Reinhardt 84

Jim Brannon 73

Chuck Bunnell 51

Woodbridge Kart Club hosted their 2nd and final round of the ESK series at Summit PointRaceway. It was an unusually warm weekend for a September. Signed up for this ICE eventwere Jim Brannon, Chris Reinhardt and a new comer, Douglas Baron. There were no qualifyingrounds on Friday practice so the grid was set from ESK points. Prefinal was set to go,Chris Reinhardt with the Holeshot, Jim Brannon running second, and Douglas Baron, did notgrid. About 2 laps in and Chris Reinhardt retired with a flat tire, leaving Jim Brannonthe


Pre-final laps times:

Chris Reinhardt 01:21.299

Jim Brannon 01:22.450

Douglas Baron No Time

Final was set with Jim Brannon on the pole Chris Reinhardt pulling the holeshot and theearly lead. That’s the way it stayed till the half way point where coming out of turn12, something broke on the Cobalt kart of Chris Reinhardt, handing the win again to JimBrannon. Later inspection found a failed sprocket carrier. The overall win for the weekendwent to Jim Brannon, but the war was won by Chris Reinhardt in the Honda CRF450 poweredCR2 MotorSports Cobalt factory chassis, winning the 2013 inaugural ESK ICE Championship.

Final Lap times:

Chris Reinhardt 01:19.603

Jim Brannon 01:22.968

Douglas Baron No Time

Final points after Summit point and season final:

Chris Reinhardt 112

Jim Brannon 103

Chuck Bunnell 51

Douglas Baron 0


VIR Registration

Posted by Chris Reinhardt on June 27, 2013 at 6:30 AM

 Registration for VIR is open and will be done through Woodbridge Kart Club.  You can mail in, go on their website and do it online, or sign up at the track.  Please note, entries after the cut off date or at the track will have an additional charge.....

Please note, to be eligible for the weekend awards, you must be an ESK member which can be done through this website, or at the track.

Below is the link to the Woodbridge Kart Club website....


Come on out and join us for this great event, remember this is the FULL track layout that has not been run by any kart organization!!!!

Video Links

Posted by Chris Reinhardt on June 26, 2013 at 6:30 AM

A few links to some on board ESK Videos

Here's a video from the first round in Kerhshaw aboard Chuck Bunnell's kart:


Another video from Mid Ohio aboard Chris Reinhardt's kart:


Series Points after Round 2

Posted by Chris Reinhardt on June 23, 2013 at 8:15 PM

Sorry for the delay, I finally put together the current points after Mid Ohio.

                           ESK FE


POS           Driver                        PTS               

1                 Mark Croslyn II        44

2                 Mark Croslyn           26

3                 Ken Anderson        17


                           ESK ICE

POS           Driver                        PTS

1              Jim Brannon               51

2              Chris Reinhardt         50

3              Chuck Bunnell           14

ESK Round 2 Mid Ohio

Posted by Chris Reinhardt on June 8, 2013 at 11:10 PM

At the track at Mid Ohio, I'm a little disapointed more of the large Superkart Field didn't supoort the ESK event....  Oh well, we'll keep plugging away...

ESK Entries


Mark Croslyn II


Jim Brannon

Chuck Bunnell

Chris Reinhardt

Jim Brannon has been chasing gremlins all weekend,  Chuck Bunnell only had the one qualifying session as practice, he was busy flagging the event, and Mark Croslyn rolling in late Friday night...

Qualifying was un eventful, I believe Jim Brannon had to sit that one out, Chuck Bunnell using that only session to try some new equipment that turned out to be faulty, so it was any easy ride for Chris Reinhardt to take pole for the Satuday Pre-Final....


Chris Reinhardt  Pole 1:45.279

Chuck Bunnell              1:48.174

Jim Brannon         No Time.

Saturday Pre-Final was pretty uneventful as well, Chuck again busy flagging was unable to race in the pre-final, Jim seem to get a handle on he troubles and had what was his best laps of the weekend so far. 



1 Marc Croslyn II     No Time


1 Chris Reinhardt  1:38.968

2 Jim Brannon        1:40.640

3 Chuck Bunnell    DNS

The final race on Sunday saw a lengthy delay after the class that was first race on Sunday, required an Medivac for an injured driver.  We were scheduled for last race before lunch break, we ended up running after lunch.  Dart kart club had to cut the running time for each race in half due to the down time required to safely clear the track.  Our thoughts go out to the injured driver as we hope for a speedy recovery, and hats off to DKC and track personnel for getting everything taken care of.

So, race was pretty uneventful, Marc Croslyn II broke a piston in the morning warm up and was unable to repair in time, Chuck Bunnell being the official flag man, could not leave his post due to the earlier days events,   That left Jim Brannon and Chris Reinhardt to fight it out in the ICE class.... 

There was a clean start, about a 10 lap or so sprint race, Chris Reinhardt in the CR2 MotorSports CRF450 powered Cobalt out to an early lead, that was never challenged.  Reinhardt won the pole, Pre-Final, and Final for a perfect weekend.

ESK  FE Final

DNS Marc Croslyn II


1 Chris Reinhardt

2 Jim Brannon

DNS Chuck Bunnell

Mid Ohio Registration Open

Posted by Chris Reinhardt on April 23, 2013 at 6:40 AM

Looks like WKA has the Mid Ohio registration forms online. For some reason they have it all askew for the ESK series....


I have setup one price for the whole weekend, includes Friday Practice/Qualifying, Saturday Pre-Final, and Sunday Final. The pre-reg price is $385 until May 28th, after that and day of the event it's $425.

You will need an ESK membership as well as a WKA license to compete.


I will update the webstore this week for this event and you can also download the forms from the ESK website and send payment to Dart Kart directly. http://eastcoastsuperkart.webs.com/apps/blog/show/24098940-forms-available


I have heard from a few people that were not at the first event that will attend this event, I believe will have a pretty good turn out!!!!


If anyone has any questions, please contact me...


Series Points 4-14-2013

Posted by Chris Reinhardt on April 14, 2013 at 8:05 AM

Points standings as of 4-14-2013


Kershaw Event

Posted by Chris Reinhardt on April 14, 2013 at 8:00 AM

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So far we have 2 FE's sugned up and 3 ICE's, I figured on 6, so just about about right, and I believe Mark Croslyn's son is going to show up in the AM.

Anyway, it's a start.

We did our timed qualifying today, it was my first session of the day, 2nd practice after lunch.

1. Ken Anderson 9:41.593 (obviously not picking up his beacon) Pole
2. Mark Croslyn No time

1. Chuck Bunnel 1:49.311 Pole
2. Chris Reinhardt 1.52.546
3. Jim Brannon 2.00.331

Congratulations Ken and Chuck...

The pre-final is the first race after practice, I'll try and get that posted as soon as I can after the race.

Pre-Final results:

1. Ken Andersson Best Lap No Time
2. Mark Croslyn II Best Lap 1:45.351
3. Mark Croslyn Best Lap 1.41.529

1. Jim Brannon Best Lap 1:49.988
2. Chris Reinhardt Best Lap 1:44.099
3. Chuck Bunnel Best Lap 1:44.631

It was the day of mechanical failures for just about everybody. I think the 1st one out was Chuck Bunnel with a broken pipe mount, then Mark Croslyn with a broken master link on the PVP powered twin beast, then Mark Croslyn II with a broken shift rod, then myself with an engine related failure. Even Jim Brannon had to limp it home with a broken chain tensioner....

All in all, the mood was good, and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves, looking forward to tomorrow's races.

Final results:

1. Mark Croslyn II Best Lap 1:44.549
2. Mark Croslyn Best Lap 1:43.335
Ken Andersson DNS

1. Chuck Bunnel Best Lap 1:45.030
2. Jim Brannon Best Lap No time
Chris Reinhardt DNS

It was a pretty good race with Mark Croslyn setting the pace and Mark II in tow, Jim Brannon was out front but Chuck Bunnel, came around him shortly after. Mark I pulled out a sizable lead nearly till the end of the race till he didn't come around, post race comments were that the motor was mis-firing and in an effort to try and figure out what was going on, he missed the corner!!! Jim Brannon also dropped out, leaving Chuck and Mark II to finish the race.

Ken Andersson had a mishap in the pits, keeping him from racing in Sundays race, Chris Reinhardt had terminal engine issues that ended his race on Saturday and could not be repaired in time for Sundays race.

So the overall finishes for the weekend is as follows:

1. Mark Croslyn II Anderson, Honda RS250
2. Mark Croslyn PVP, PVP 252
3. Ken Andersson Zip, Rotax 256

1. Chuck Bunnel PVP, Honda CR250
2. Jim Brannon PVP, Honda CR250
3. Chris Reinhardt Cobalt, Honda CRF450

I'd like to thank the WKA for letting us put on this event, and all the people who make this happen at the track and in the office, without them it wouldn't have come together, and a special thanks to the Dart Kart Club people, that were a pleasure to work with!!!

I'm looking forward to our next event the WKA Road Race National June 7th-9th at Mid Ohio hosted by DKC.

WKA CMP Scoring Sheets

Posted by Chris Reinhardt on April 9, 2013 at 8:35 PM

I've scanned the WKA scoring sheets from the Kershaw event.  The final got messed up, it looks like they had some transpounder issues.  they flipped Chris Reinhardt and Jim Brannon, Jim finished 2nd.


Pre Final